Shop with Heart and Own an Original

gift-gallery-encinitas-slider-giving-backHow often do you think to yourself, “The next time I need a gift or something for the house, I want it to be something unique and original AND I want my purchase to benefit a local non-profit.” Now, unless you frequent Art n Soul on 101 on a regular basis, you may have not even known you COULD think that… But we bet you will now.

All the gifts and works of art on display at Art n Soul are created and crafted by local artists and artisans and is truly an original, a one-of-a-kind. Though some pieces may be similar, there really are no two pieces exactly alike. From greeting cards to large wall paintings, there is an original piece for every budget, every person, every taste.

No matter what you purchase (jewelry, handbags, accessories, wearables, sculptures, home decor, wall paintings, cards, vases, clocks, etc.) when you buy at Art n Soul on 101, you are shopping with heart. After the artist or artisan who created your original piece is paid and after all the utilities, rent and bills are paid, the profit from your purchase is donated to our current non-profit beneficiaries, all of which are local, so your dollars stay in the local economy AND the local community.

Now that you know that you can own and original AND shop with heart, we trust that the next time you need a gift for someone (or yourself) you’ll stop by Art n Soul on 101 first.


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