Every Piece Comes with a Story

gift-gallery-encinitas-slider-shop-every-piece-has-storyPart of the enjoyment of buying, giving and having art and handmade gifts is the story behind it… who created it, how they created it, what it’s made of, what was the inspiration, where it came from, and so on. Each and every piece at Art n Soul on 101 has its own fun and unique story.



Take these pressed metal earrings for example… the artist grew up with a goldsmith for a father and spent many of her days growing up with her father’s jewelry making. Now, having developed some of her own techniques, she creates jewelry inspired by nature.



And then there is this cool metal sculpture made from repurposed materials. The artists, a husband and wife team who are avid recyclers, got their first tools from their neighbor who passed away. Their first project was using those tools to create a metal scare crow that was featured on the Today Show national television broadcast as part of an Etsy contest.



And how about these magically quirky birdhouses crafted by a self-taught wood worker who utilizes recycled materials gathered from local abandoned buildings and alleyways to handcraft this creation with pride and sign it with love from his heart to your home.


WOW, right?! Each story is as amazing as the next… which story will you be telling? Stop by the gallery to get your very own piece with its very own story that you’ll never tire of telling.

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